Remedy for Kidney Stones

Published: 09th February 2009
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Lemon juice : Remedy for kidney stones

Due to the change of weather and life style, kidney stones suffered was increase year by years. Kidney stones have supposed appearance because of the dehydrated. Only few cases of them need surgery, while majority can be effectively treated with a appropriate dietary and by using natural remedy for kidney stones.

Kidney stones is in fact are growths of unused materials from our body. 80% kidney stones are form by calcium deposit build up, but sometimes they can be created by too much protein or because we've had chronic urinary infections. These deposits can be set aside from forming although, by keeping them diluted with additional fluid or water.


The most ordinary natural remedy for kidney stones. is by drinking a lot of water on a daily basis. Drinking plenty of water, at least 1/2 of gallon helps to stay calcium deposits from being able to form into stones, so that they'll be incessantly flushed out of our system previous to problems can arise.

Water will aid the flushing procedure of the stone from our body. Not only that, if we drink additional water in general, we may even stop the kidney stone problem.

When we have not sufficient water, germs and bacteria are clever to linger inside our kidneys and make infections or stones. By drinking additional water although, our body is able to incessantly flush those germs and bacteria from your system earlier than they have time to begin creating a kidney stone or infection.


Another famous natural remedy for kidney stones. is Lemon juice. Since most kidney stones are calcium based although, we can help to stop the formation of these types of stones by drinking lemon water or juice. We can put a bit of genuine lemon juice into our tea each morning, or combine it into a glass of water, and drink it when you first get up every day. This small amount of lemon juice will help stop stones from forming, and it will help break up any stones which have before now started forming.

Actually, lemon juice is the ideal natural remedy for kidney stones. Some people combine 2ounces of fresh lemon juice with 2 ounces of virgin olive oil, after that drink that down. The pain caused by the kidney stones is typically gone in less than an hour, and the stones break up within 24 hours later than that.

Not everybody can place and abdomen the olive oil though. It perhaps makes us extremely nauseous. Drinking easy lemon juice by itself (pure lemon juice) is typically sufficient in most cases though, so we can leave out the olive oil if require be.

This natural medicine typically only works with calcium based stones, and as it breaks up the stones, we might not feel the kidney stones pass. Some people feel as if their urine is gritty or dirty although, and this is because the break up parts of the stones are being approved in your urine.

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