Back Pain exercises - Pregnant Women

Published: 06th January 2009
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For a pregnant woman who is already pain from a back problem, exercising can be a very hard job to do. But that´s a first phase only. Back pain exercises for pregnant women are fairly different from the ordinary ones meant for normal people. These are mild activities that quiet the delicate body of a pregnant woman. With the help of these easy movements, you can really fight your back problem. Quite frequently, it is seen that a pregnant women gets very miserable time and again. The cause behind this can be the feeling of being helpless. She starts wondering about how she would be able to manage belongings in such a state of the body. Exercises help in such cases also. They improve the energy levels of an expecting woman.

Causes of Pregnancy Back Pain

There can be lots of issues responsible for pregnancy backache. It is significant to note that back pain is linked with the spinal cord. As the baby grows during the period of pregnancy, the joints are likely to give up their constancy. Most of the baby weight is felt on abdomen and this leads to an overworked spinal cord that strives to keep the body in an upright situation. Even if there is no pain, you might fall prey to the difficulty of not caring about your body. Bad position or body movement can outcome in the beginning of the back problem.


Adequate blood supply is a very significant feature of keeping fit. During pregnancy, it is very important to make sure a normal blood supply to all the organs of the body. The pumping of heart is accountable for this. You can uphold adequate blood supply with the help of cardiovascular exercises. Pregnant women should do this exercise with tremendous caution. Additional than this one, you can also do strengthening exercises meant for abdominal, back and thigh muscles. These will reduce your back pain to a great point. Take care that you do all these backache exercises without getting tired.

For pregnant women, it is not essential to do only those exercises that keep you fit. If the lack of willingness is still there even later than trying, they can treat in other activities like swimming and walking. Even a 10 minute walk later than every meal or 20 minutes of swimming daily will do. So, she can think these activities as part of back pain exercises and carry on with them without having any fault. Previous to you begin with any of these exercises, make certain that you have consulted your physiotherapist well.

Severe back pain is felt by approximately every pregnant woman at some or the other point of time. Exercising on a regular basis has relieved lots of from lower back pain.

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